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Asiazi launches new company for telecommunication services whose name 'TECOSER'

Asiazi has started a new company named TECOSER for telecommunication related service. Till now services of telecommunication services were being operated from Asiazi official company website, but now all services of telecommunication will be operated from Asiazi’s new company TECOSER.

Remain Asiazi Private Limited subsidiary company TECOSER  started this company initially with bulk message (Send and receive SMS online, SMS API gateway and SMS to Mobile app) services, bulk email services to api.

According to ASIAZI  or TECOSER director Rishi Prakash, the company’s services will be from India in the initial stages. It will also be introduced in other countries in future. Till now we had 170+ big companies and 197100+ customers connected with us through Asiazi.

Asiazi’s registered address is Dev of Bihar but the headquarters is in Patna, Bihar. The company will have services across India from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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